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  • Interview: Dion Friedland, Hedge Funds Association, September 25, 2001
    Dion Friedland made his name in the hedge funds business as the founder of the Magnum group. Now, this big gun in the fund management industry talks to Stuart Fieldhouse about his latest project, the Hedge Funds Association. MIAMI (FUNDXCHANGE) -- Dion Friedland has come a long way since...  read more

  • Response to "The $500 Billion Hedge Fund Folly" of August 6, 2001, Forbes magazine, August 8, 2001
    To the editors of Forbes Magazine, I am amazed that Forbes would run an article, much less a cover story, of the crass, sensationalistic nature as seen in your "The $500 Billion Hedge Fund Folly" of August 6, 2001. As the manager of a top performing hedge fund over the past seven...  read more

  • Dramatic increase in hedge fund inflows raises overheating fears, August 7, 2001
    Hedge fund inflows last quarter were greater than those for the whole of last year. Another $8.4bn found its way into the industry last quarter, pushing half-yearly inflows up to a massive $15.3bn, according to figures from London-based Tass Research. The figures will add fuel to claims...  read more

  • Investors Are Flocking to Hedge Funds, June 24, 2001
        The stock market plunge of the last year has spread pain across much of Wall Street. But for one corner of the investment world, times have never been better.     Hedge funds, those shadowy investment vehicles catering to the wealthy, are surging in number...  read more

  • Why Hedge Funds Will Defy the Odds , June 12, 2001
    When the Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) hedge fund drama the news in September 1998, it posed a threat to world markets so great that the Federal Reserve midwifed a bank consortium to take over the fund. As a result of the attendant publicity, a very nice trend that had been...  read more

  • If Beta Flags, Try Alpha, June 12, 2001
    Are the markets uncomfortably high? A lot of institutional investors fear so. After an excited start to the year the main US indices have slipped back to more or less where they started. The same applies to London's FTSE 100. The conditions could be right, therefore, for long-short...  read more

  • Indexers find their own bull market, March 27, 2001
    Hedge fund indices are nothing new. Credit Suisse First Boston and Tremont Advisors launched the first in August of 1999. But suddenly everyone wants to get into the game. Last week Zurich Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Zurich Fianncial Services, launched half a dozen hedge fund...  read more

  • Hedge funds bogged down by misconceptions?, March 12, 2001
    I am writing this letter in response to your article "There's danger lurking in the hedge funds" (Investment News, Jan. 15).1 felt a need to point out an implied fallacy that a majority of the press seems to be portraying. The erroneous belief that hedge funds per se are...  read more