New Facilitates "Meetings of the Minds" - 02/19/03

AVENTURA, FLORIDA ? February 19, 2003 ? (, the most comprehensive source for hedge fund events, has been launched for hedge fund investors, managers and service providers seeking complete calendar listings plus easy future online registration for hedge fund conferences worldwide.

The new Internet destination, developed by people who know hedge funds and attend numerous hedge fund conferences, is dedicated to simplifying the sharing of knowledge in this exciting area of sophisticated investing. With so many hedge fund conferences around the world, many often overlapping, it is essential to have a central, unbiased source for helping investors and hedge fund managers decide which conferences to attend.

Registration (not required) is free and enables users of the site to plan their calendars ahead of time and choose which hedge fund conferences would be the most beneficial to them.

? brings you the meetings of the minds worldwide in this growing area of alternative investing,? says Lara Block, one of the principals of Florida based Hedge Fund Conferences, Inc.   ?From complete calendar listings to past reviews -- all in a comprehensive, searchable database is a virtual conference organizer.?

Hedge funds attracted $86 billion in new money in 2001, well more than the $30 billion they brought in during calendar 2000, as more and more investors now meet minimum income requirements and view hedge funds as a viable way to preserve and grow capital in difficult markets. In 2002 the average hedge fund was up 0.2% compared to the S&P500 which lost 22.1%.

There are many types of investing conferences but none more important than those involving hedge funds. Not commonly advertised or understood, hedge funds, nonetheless, are growing in number and popularity, and with this comes a need for information sharing among hedge fund managers, service providers and investors.

Among the questions addressed at conference events: Who are the best and brightest hedge fund managers and what are their strategies?   What do investors need to know about hedge funds?   How can hedge funds -- and their investors -- be best served in terms of accounting, legal, and other services, and who are these providers?

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